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Homeowners and business owners have so many options today to refinish their concrete surfaces. These coatings are an opportunity to provide a safer surface for everyday use, as well as a more beautiful aesthetic with luxury style in mind. We specialize in various concrete coating treatments. Whether you want to polish, acid treat, stamp, epoxy, stain, etc. your concrete, we tackle it all. Below you'll find out some of the benefits of using these treatments on your concrete. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to connect with us today.



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    Concrete Coating Benefits

    Transform your home or business

    We transform concrete every day to be safer, durable, and more beautiful. Using a treatment like epoxy, acid, or polishing; gives surfaces benefits you might not know about yet. Keep reading and learn about our top seven reasons to add a concrete coating to your space.

      • Protection - Concrete, left untreated, will deteriorate. Concrete coatings will add a layer of protection from additional cracking and crumbling from various environmental impacts. Heavy foot traffic or weather exposure will meet its match with our products.
      • Less Maintenance - Most concrete coatings will save you from regular maintenance. This factor is ideal for your back but also your wallet. While some surfaces, like wood and vinyl, are prone to damage, concrete coatings are designed to offer ease in clean up and care.
      • Smart Investment - These coatings are designed to last a long time giving the owner less cost over the life of the surface. Many surfaces will require things like waxing, sealing, painting, and strict cleaning treatments. Concrete coatings will leave you with less work and more money in your bank account.
      • Safety - When a concrete floor is left untreated, it becomes a hazard for slipping and a constant source of dust. The resins and hardeners used in epoxy coatings work especially well to ensure the safety of your family within your home or visiting customers at your business.
      • Longer Wear - The deterioration of concrete takes place quickly if a coating or treatment isn't in place to seal the material. Without coatings, your floors and surfaces are more vulnerable to cracks and scratches. With coatings, your floors can outlive you.
      • Durability - While concrete is pretty tough on its own, adding a coating is only going to ramp up the durability factor. These coatings are applied in various thicknesses that are tailored to your lifestyle or business needs.
      • Aesthetics - Customizing your concrete and coatings, accentuates the material, and gives it a higher-end look. You might want marble countertops, but your budget doesn't agree. Adding concrete coatings can help you achieve the aesthetics you're after.

    Concrete Coatings in Action

    Purpose and Use

    Epoxy floor coating

    You have almost certainly walked across these types of floors at your favorite retail, restaurant, or big box store. You also might have seen them in action at a friend's house either in a garage (workshop setting) or throughout their home. These floors are both functional and beautiful, which in our opinion, is an ideal situation for either home or office.

    In the home, concrete coating treatments are a way for homeowners to personalize their spaces. Many of our clients will have us stain their floors, for example, to give them a limestone or marble looking feature. From there, we will perfect the stone finish by sealing the concrete using resins or acid treatments. You would be surprised at how close we can get concrete to look like other stone finishes. Finally, we will buff and treat the floors with other coatings to enhance the color or texture of the surface. We can customize the concrete polishing level of shine or less sheen for matt finishes.

    In commercial settings, concrete coatings are certainly great to look at, but they also serve other purposes. There are safety benefits attached to coatings, such as non-slip agents. There are more than 1-million slip and fall ER visits each year, many of those incidents turn into lawsuits. Those lawsuits average $30-40,000 in settlements. Concrete coatings will help prevent staff and customers from slip and fall situations when we add various resins to coatings. Another safety benefit is that concrete coating epoxies are fire-resistant. When a business chooses heavy vinyl and woods to finish its floors, this can be a fire hazard. Concrete coatings eliminate this as it can take on high heat and is not combustible.

    Other spaces you'll see concrete coatings in are high traffic areas like airports, and businesses that need sterile environments such as medical facilities. Since one of the main benefits of concrete coatings is how easy they are to clean, these businesses (and even homeowners) love this product. We invite you to bring us your ideas as to what you'd like to do with your floors, and we will get you details about that particular treatment. We love our clients being a part of the planning and design process.

    Work With Concrete Coating Experts

    Texas concrete coating company

    Treatments for concrete are not "run of the mill" projects. Our crews are well trained and experienced on how to reach the target. We are working with all kinds of different chemical processes, and it can be done poorly, which will compromise your floors or surfaces. What's worse, it will likely cost you money for those mistakes.

    When you work with our professional team, you're hiring experts. Our projects range from small residential homes to large commercial spaces so we have seen it all. Our crews are trades and craftsmen who have spent years in the industry with excellent records. Our whole business model works around exceeding the client's expectations.

    We are a licensed and insured company, which gives our clients peace of mind when working with us. This also means Texas recognizes us as a fully operating and functional concrete coating company, rather than a fly by night operation. This matters, because we want our clients to understand they are in good hands from the moment they call us, to the moment they step onto their new floors.
    If you have any questions about what we do or wonder if we can achieve a design you're hoping for, please don't hesitate to contact us today. We welcome 'all' the questions.

    Epoxy floor coating San Antonio

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