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One of the best trends of the past couple of years is concrete polishing. This isn't just because of how amazing they look, and they absolutely do, but because these floors offer homeowners options. We are going to go into depth about this below, but if you are new to this flooring finish, here is a nutshell explanation. Concrete polishing is a treatment for concrete that uses chemical compounds and various grit sanding techniques. The chemical reaction and then the sanding results in different levels of polishing appearances. The treatment appeals to homeowners looking for value and aesthetics, which also has the benefit of easy care and maintenance. Read on to learn more.



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    Where to Find Polished Concrete

    Is it right for your home or business?

    Below you will see some of the most popular applications for polished concrete for home and business. This treatment will transform your space giving it a luxury vibe and put-together finish. Homeowners love this flooring for its versatility while businesses love the durability.

      •  More and more concrete polishing projects are showing up in residential homes. Homeowners are finding this treatment a value-add and a way to bring their homes into a new era. Not only are they affordable when compared to many flooring options, but they are also easy to care for.
      • Retail and restaurant management love polished concrete because it gives their spaces an upgrade. Many of these types of businesses have tried to conceal these floors for decades, but today, businesses are showing them off. The main benefit is that they are easy to maintain for their cleaning and maintenance crews.
      • Office buildings are another place you'll find polished concrete. Maintenance staff appreciates these floors because they clean up so easily, and they are nearly indestructible. They can handle heavy items being dropped on them with little concern to floor damage. The dropped object might not be so lucky, however.
      • Polished concrete can even make your home or business facility safer in more ways than one. First of all, polished concrete reflects light very efficiently and can make any area that it is placed in up to 300 percent brighter. We even offer you the ability to have a silica sand additive placed into the top coat of your polished concrete to give the flooring texture. This texture makes your floor easier and safer to walk on when wet our soiled.
      • Polished concrete is a superior flooring option for medical and hospital facilities. This is partly because the floors can take a good bit of abuse and foot traffic, but also because they can be sterilized. These floors harbor fewer bacteria and germs than other flooring options.
      • Another place you'll find polished concrete is industrial complexes and warehouses. These organizations have been using this flooring for years due to its superior durability. Heavy machinery is no match for polished concrete, and they look good year after year with minimal damage.

    Advantages of Installing Polished Concrete

    Why these floors may be good for your home or business


    Aesthetically speaking, concrete polishing gives homes and professional spaces a truly "uplevel" appeal. When you have a polished floor, your home or office oozes high-end attention or detailed luxury. There are several benefits of this type of flooring system, and we are going to go through a few of these more in-depth. 

    Customization - While plain polished grey concrete has plenty of appeal, clients love that they can further customize their floors. We can mix specific colors to mimic more expensive flooring, such as limestone or marble. We can also use patterning to give the floor more visual interest and customize the level of polish the floor takes on. 

    Durability - You won't likely find a more durable flooring system. Polished concrete is tough, and can take a good bit of abuse in both home or business settings. They are ideal for busy families whose homes might have a lot of pounding feet and toys running about. Polished concrete is excellent for businesses that deal with heavy equipment or heavy foot traffic.

    Easy Cleaning - Floors are the dirtiest spaces because they collect all the daily debris from shoes, kids messes, pet accidents, and more. You will love how easy it is to clean your floors, and you won't need chemical-laced products to do it with. 

    Moisture Free - When sealed properly, polished concrete provides a safe floor under shoes and bare feet, reducing slippage. We can even add more texture in the mix to ensure its a safe as possible for your customers or little ones. 

    Hides Imperfections - If you already have a concrete floor that has some scratches or blemishes, concrete polishing can conceal this. While it cannot mend large cracks or deteriorated areas, these spots can be repaired, leaving you with a far better-looking floor. 

    Working with our Concrete Polishing Team

    Experts Who Care About Your Floors

    It is a task to find the right contractor for any job, and concrete polishing is no different. Some companies add this service onto their existing services but don't specialize in the install, leaving you in a vulnerable position. When you choose to work with our team, you're working with experts who specialize in this craft. If this particular project isn't done properly, you risk damaging your floors and spending more money to repair them.

    We are a licensed and insured company that hires the best crews in the business. They are troubleshooters who will work through any hiccups along the way. What's better, we are fantastic communicators. There is nothing worse than a crew being in your home, and you feeling like you cannot ask questions or get insight into your project. Our crews are receptive to your inquiries and are always available to answer questions for you throughout this process.

    Finally, we are also a budget-friendly company that works with all kinds of financial limitations. We maximize every dime on your invoice to get you the most for your dollar. We will also never hide fees from you as we offer a transparent transaction you can count on.

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