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The industrial business world tends to value function over aesthetics, but with concrete polishing, you can have both. We understand the demands on these floors and the daily abuse they take to get business done. We are going to discuss the functional and safety benefits of these floors below. We will also go over some of the aesthetic options that our clients choose to give their businesses a boost in branding and professionalism. If you have any questions along the way about commercial concrete polishing in Texas, please reach out to us today.



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    Commercial Concrete Polishing Benefits

    Blending function with performance

    The crucial thing about floors in industrial spaces, they need to last and keep your entire team or visiting customers safe. Below you'll find our top six benefits of industrial concrete polished floors.

      • Durability - Concrete polishing can withstand the constant moving of machinery or people that most industrial businesses require. They can handle the regular dropped items and variable temperature changes that may occur.
      • Longevity - When proper care is taken, your polished industrial concrete may outlast your business. These floors are designed for longevity through the use of various chemical compounds, tools, and treatments.
      • Value - When stacked against other flooring options, polished concrete ranks high in value due to its longevity. When you take into account the easy-care, lower-cost materials, fewer repairs, and tough as nails materials, the value reveals itself.
      • Safety - Commercial concrete polishing makes your spaces safer. We can add various silicones or epoxies to make the floors slip-resistant, water wicking, and fire-resistant. Your staff and clients will feel safe to operate and do business with you.
      • Customization - While industrial flooring typically doesn't need to be fancy, there is something to be said for having it look clean and professional. Commercial concrete polishing allows for treatments with color, texture, and branding.
      • Maintenance - Your maintenance and cleaning crews are going to appreciate the ease of caring for your polished concrete. There are no special cleaners, and these floors can look great with some water and a mop. Your crews will be free to tend to more important projects.

    Concrete Polishing - The Right Choice for Industrial Properties

    A Floor That Means Business

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    Your business thrives on efficiency, and every aspect of your business from the ceiling down needs to do the same. Concrete polishing in industrial settings is designed for function and minimal upkeep. This is one flooring treatment that will stand up to the daily foot traffic, machinery moving over it daily, and is safer underfoot for your staff. The treatment itself is a multi-step process that ensures no additional sealants, waxes, or other coatings are needed to maintain them. What that means for your business, no downtime to maintain your floors.

    Concrete polishing will leave the floors in a non-porous state giving them resistance to things like water, fire, and slippage. The finish makes new and old concrete durable with positive impact resistance. You won't have to worry about damaging the floor if heavy pallets or product fall on the flooring. You might have to worry more about the product. Another feature worth mentioning is, you're not going to see the treatment "peel." There are floor treatments that will look great at first, but unfortunately, over time, they start to peel. Not only does this look awful, but it means you'll be spending money to repair them or start over with a different floor treatment.

    The maintenance of these floors is beyond easy. There are no special cleaners or tools needed to clean these floors. Depending on what flooring finishes you choose, we will guide you in the specifics of how to keep them clean and free of debris. Your maintenance team will be thrilled that they will spend less time caring for the floors and can spend more time on other projects to keep your business moving.

    If you have old concrete that is beginning to show its age, this is also a solution that will save your floors from further deterioration. Minor cracking, scuffs, and scratches will often lead to more damage. Concrete polishing is a solution to clear these blemishes so you can get more years out of your floor. The polishing process will also prevent things like scuffing, scratches, and other imperfections from happening since the floors are resistant to this sort of damage.

    Your Texas Industrial Concrete Polishing Partner

    Working With Us

    You have choices in what company to work with, but we would like to explain why working with us is something you should consider. We have years of working in this industry and serving clients in many environments. This means we work with residential, commercial, and industrial clients with a slew of different needs. What this means for you is, we are skilled and knowledgeable about what our clients need or must-have. We don't see any of our clients the same because their needs are often different. So we listen to your needs, pain-points, and aesthetic desires to put together the right form and function for your business.

    Our company is full of skilled craftspersons. From the person who answers our phones to the individuals who show up to do the job, we are problem-solving people with many years in the construction business. We are also great communicators, so when you have questions or need planning support of any kind, we are the people who can help you do this. We work quickly and efficiently because with industrial businesses, we know and understand the demand. Downtime isn't an option, and we will share with you how to get your floors done with little downtime involved.

    Finally, we are licensed and insured to give our clients the confidence they need to hire us for the job. We know this is particularly important to our business partners, so we go the extra mile to ensure we are accredited and meet all the safety guidelines required to work large-scale jobs like this.

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