What is the concrete polishing process I should be expecting?

Because all concrete surfaces vary in age, size, and condition so the process may vary depending on how much needs to be repaired. It is important to always remember that even though the process of concrete polishing is very standard, every situation is different. The general step by step process for concrete polishing includes:

  • Your floors will need to be inspected by one of our professionals to ensure that there isn’t a foundation issue that would hinder our polishing process.
  • Our professionals will be looking for, repairing, and removing abrasions, chemical damages, holes, cracks, or residual coatings/paints.
  • Diamond grinding begins once your floors have been inspected and approved. During this process is when we want to know how much shine you want for your floors.
  • A chemical hardener will be added to strengthen the concrete floor after the grinding process.
    The final step is the polish process.

How long will my polished floors last before I need to polish them again?

The lifespan of any floor, object, or tool is dependent upon a lot more than just one factor. Installation, age of concrete, and long-term maintenance all has impacts on how long your floors will last. If your concrete or polishing process was done poorly your lifespan will be much shorter when compared to someone else who had a proper installation. The age of you concrete when the polishing process took place is a big factor in how long your surface will last. Finally, even though polished concrete floors need very minimal maintenance some tender love and care always goes a long way in ensuring you can get the longest life out of your floors.

Are there benefits to polished concrete?

Polished concrete is a smart investment regardless if you’re looking for a commercial, residential, or industrial floor. Some of the more common benefits of polished concrete include:

  • Polished concrete is the most affordable “decorative” concrete process. You will save money during installation and maintenance.
  • Your floor's longevity will increase significantly, saving money over a long period of time.
  • Polished concrete is easy to clean and easy to keep clean making it a very hygienic surface.
  • Polishing concrete increases its resiliency because it resists chemical damages, stains, impact, and more.
  • Less maintenance is always nice! Take more off your plate by having a surface that is strong and easy to care for.

What type of maintenance should I expect with polished concrete?

The best part about concrete polished floors is the little maintenance they require; however, they do require some! You can expect things like:

  • Dusting and dry mopping to keep the debris minimal.
  • Wet mopping once a week is helpful when trying to keep large amounts of dirt away.
  • Don’t use acidic cleaners or cleaners with high levels of soap.
  • Try to clean spills immediately after they happen.
  • Leave cleaners on your surface for short periods of time.

Can having your concrete polished remove oil stains?

Concrete polishing can remove some oil stains but not all and there are a lot of factors that would impact the end result. Some factors that impact the outcome of oil removal on your surface include the age of the concrete, the previous coatings and if there was any protection when the oil was spilled, how long the oil was on the surface, and how old the concrete is. A grinding and polishing process can rejuvenate your pool deck concrete, but it should be evaluated by a professional first.

Why should I polish my concrete as to having a simple sealant added to the surface?

Polished concrete has become increasingly popular among residents and business owners. Polished concrete floors are affordable, long-lasting, and so uniquely beautiful! Our process can help elongate your deck's lifespan for many years for affordable rates.

Can color be added to a polished concrete floor, either before or after the process?

Yes! Polished concrete floors can be installed with different colors that can best suit your wants and needs. Be sure to consult a professional who is skilled in color and polish!

Is it possible to polish damaged concrete?

This is a question that can only be answered 100% in person after one of our professionals inspects the surface. Polishing is very doable even in the worst-case scenarios, but the final decision should always be decided once the floors have been inspected.

Can all concrete be polished?

Most concrete can be polished but not all surfaces. Some surfaces are simply too damaged or too old and replacement is the only option.

Is concrete polishing an eco-friendly process?

Yes! It is actually one of the eco-friendliest processes. Recycling and reusing concrete surfaces reduce your carbon footprint. A process that results in less waste and lasts longer is always an eco-friendly option. Polished concrete means less waste!

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