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What is Concrete Polishing?

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The trend of concrete polishing is taking over the commercial industry quickly. Business owners and commercial properties have been using it longer, but the treatments are getting better year after year. The treatment starts with evaluating your concrete and defining what kind of finish you want. From there, we treat the floors with the right cocktail of materials, grind down the concrete to the desired level of polish, and seal it depending on what finish you're seeking. There are many benefits to this sort of treatment, and we will discuss more of those items below. If you have any questions along the way, please give us a call to talk about your project.



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    Commercial Concrete Polishing Benefits

    Why this flooring option is ideal for commercial businesses

    If you're unfamiliar with why concrete polishing treatments are beneficial, we are here to break down the top six benefits. While you will love the look of your floors, you're getting so much value beyond aesthetics with concrete polishing. Read on to learn why.

      • Budget-Friendly - As you consider different flooring options, you'll encounter some sticker shock, if you haven't already. This treatment is designed to be cost-effective over its lifetime. So after you calculate how expensive it is to take care of other flooring and it's installation costs, you come out ahead with concrete.
      • Unmatched Strength - There are fewer flooring and surface options that are heartier than concrete, and with our treatments, they are even more durable. The daily wear and tear on commercial flooring or countertops can beat up other materials at a rapid rate; you will not see that kind of abuse with concrete and polishing treatments.
      • Easy Care - The best way to clean polished concrete is with water and a damp cloth or mop. The need for waxing and sealing, painting, and staining, are all in the past with this material. The treatments help contain liquids, ward off dust and debris, and don't require fancy/expensive cleaning techniques.
      • Longevity - If you keep the floors clean and tend to any damage that might occur over time, your polished concrete might outlast your retail or office building. Concrete is made from the toughest rock, sand, and stone materials found on the planet, which is why they make for exceptional building materials.
      • Safety Minded - When you combine concrete with our treatments, you can make them safer than ever. First, we can add texture to prevent slip and fall accidents. Second, polished concrete floors and surfaces are fire-resistant. Restaurant owners also appreciate this material on their kitchen floors as they are heat-resistant.
      • Eco-Friendly - After the processing step, concrete is one of the world's most eco-friendly products you can use in a home or business. The material is recyclable and is used often in restoration projects in parks and oceans.

    Concrete Polishing - Options, Options, Options

    Customizing Your Polished Concrete Surfaces

    residential polished concrete floors

    One of the major selling features of concrete treatments is all the options for customization. Since polished concrete can take on many forms, the versatility makes it an attractive choice. Even better, we can achieve high-end finishes that luxury properties spend tens-of-thousands of dollars to get.

    The first way to customize is through the application of color. The pallet is literally endless. We suggest poking around the internet and start getting an idea of the colors you'd like to use. This allows you to compliment your business branding by using the same color options or family of hues. You can add that color to the actual mix or a stain can be made around that color.

    Stamping is another unique way to customize your floors or countertops. Concrete stamping may include actual designs but can also include natural patterns of things like stonework, granite, or marble. If you're looking to copycat a particular type of stone, such as limestone, it can be done.

    The way we work with concrete, to make it more customized, is through polishing techniques. This process uses chemical reactions and sanding to achieve particular finishes. We can get high gloss styles that look like a car showroom floor, or we can change that up and leave it more like a matt stone finish.

    As you can see, combining all of the techniques above leaves business owners with endless options. It's a fun process to witness each client's ideas to come life, and we are happy to walk them through that process. Even if you're unsure about what you want, we will help you with figuring out what is ideal for your space depending on your priorities.

    Ideas for Polished Concrete in Your Commercial Spaces.

    Let's talk about some of the applications

    Polished concrete fits into almost any aesthetic. We see it in eclectic or luxury spaces, as well as minimalistic design styles. Since it can be customized so easily, the treatment allows businesses to express their brand.

    In auto-retail spaces, we are doing projects on workspaces like garages. Since this flooring type is so durable and clean up is so easy, garages and workshops are a popular application. Business owners are also now asking us to do their interior office floors. This usually includes the main entrances, hallways, breakrooms, and individual offices within the structure. We are also now seeing more and more business owners asking us to do their countertops. After pricing out granite, stone, and marble options, concrete is winning the countertop game.

    Other businesses use this flooring type for many reasons and in various applications. Car showrooms seek that high polish look, while retail stores opt for high customization in color and design. Other businesses like restaurants and big-box retail, are attracted to concrete polishing because of its functional characteristics. This includes being able to withstand a lot of foot and machinery traffic, slip-resistant treatments, high-heat resistance, and easy maintenance.

    Finally, smaller offices or medical spaces like these flooring options because of clean-up. These spaces often need a sterile environment that can be maintained easily by their staff.

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